Owning your own home is a dream that can become true sooner than you think with our
Rent to Own

So don’t sign another rent cheque until you consider
this information and our promise to you!

At 911 Homes we are local Real Estate Investors operating in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Beaumont and surrounding areas and we have an exciting promise for you: You can stop flushing away your money every month making your landlord rich and buy your own home sooner than you can think!

Imagine owning a home of your very own: fenced back yard for the kids, a garage to setup the workshop you have dreamt about for so long or to store you car during the cold winters, enough room for all your belongings, space on the back yard to plant your perennials or tomatoes during the summer…

All on a quiet neighbourhood, within the privacy and comfort you always dreamt about, where you will have the freedom to make your house feel like your own home:

  • you can decorate as you please
  • choose paint colors that fit your taste
  • do renovations to improve your quality of living knowing that you are adding equity to your own place!

No more limitations to do changes and make a house feel like your own home!

Yes! You can become a homeowner right now…
no matter what your financial picture looks like
keep reading to discover how…

At this point you are maybe thinking …

Ya, it sounds great but… What about credit problems?

Are the banks saying “forget it”, because you don’t have perfect credit? Or because you are self-employed?
Don’t worry about it, whatever your current situation is, if you are currently paying rent our Rent to Own Program may just be what you are looking for…

Sure that’s a big Help but …

Won’t I need a BIG down payment?

With our Rent to Own Program you do NOT need a large chunk of money for down payment either. If you have been held back by the idea that you have to save up $50,000 to $80,000 or more to put down to buy a good home, here you have the good news: You will need some money but you will be surprised how little.

If you have some money to work as a down payment and can afford a reasonable monthly payment, you can easily qualify for one of the gorgeous homes available through our Lease to Own Program where there is “No Bank Qualifying Required!”

Every month you wait you are flushing
your hard-earned money right down the Toilet…

There is no reason to wait,
the choice is your and yours alone!

One more thing… We keep a list of serious buyers who are looking for a home on file at all times. We notify them of new properties available first. They get a shot at them before anyone else even knows about them. Be part of our selected group of buyers! Just let us know what is your dream home.

Sometimes we do not even have a chance to advertise the properties on our web site. So, even if you don’t like one of our current homes, make sure you let us know what you are looking for.

Tell us what is your dream home!

Knowing what you want, we can get started helping you find the home of your dreams.

It cost nothing to explore your options!

So don’t waste more time, whether you are rebuilding your existing credit or establishing new credit, or saving for a downpayment we can help! Check our Programs we are confident you will find the perfect solution for you!

  • Rent to Own Program: If you have bad credit or are self-employed but have some money to put down and can afford a reasonable monthly payment our Rent to Own Program is for you.
  • You find it, We buy it Program: if any of our current Rent-to-Own listings fits your criteria, you have the option of finding your own home without the hassles of dealing with conventional lending institutions.
  • Down Payment Growth Program: If you have bad credit and/or almost no money for down payment our Down Payment Growth Program will help you save enough money to either take advantage of our Rent to Own Program and get into your own place sooner.
  • Credit Rebuild Assistance: In our team we have a group of experienced mortgage brokers and credit consultants who help our buyers with damaged credit to clean their credit; we make a clear plan together and we follow through over time to make sure we achieve it. Depending on each particular situation we have seen some very bad credits been rebuilt as fast as 6 months.

Not sure yet if this is for you?

Find out on your own! Apply secretly and in all anonymity do a self assessment of your current situation. Fill in the questionnaire and within 24 to 48 hours we will publish our opinion on your case. No name, no phone nor e-mail is required.

At 911 Homes we are confident that nobody
will work harder than us to get you into your own home…


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We are proud to be Accredited by the Better Business Bureau

"I certainly appreciate everything you are doing to help me purchase this home. 911 Homes is certainly not a fraud company trying to make a quick buck but the complete opposite. All my doubts (very few) about my decision to “Rent to Own” with 911 are gone. Thanks again,

Linda - Edmonton AB

"911Homes gave me an opportunity I never thought I could ever have. Being a single mom, having 4 dogs and a rabbit, most people said no but they had been very helpful. I'm very grateful I found 911Homes.”

Cherie – Edmonton AB

"It was such a nice process. Everything took about a week and a half to go from not having anywhere to go, to have our own home. It was quick and smooth..."

Cindy & Robert – Edmonton AB

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